Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The zombies are here (insert scream!)

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And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...I give you...the most adorably creepy zombie party EVER! created by Jenny of Hank and Hunt. Take your time and look over these amazing details. She's simply amazing and I can't get enough of her party style (remember these?).


Are you dying? Words can not express how much I love this party. It is such a cool vibe while still being totally fun and kid friendly. I think the color palette is absolute perfection. The web and netting on the cool. And look at those zombie pops!

I'm going to stop with the words now and just let you enjoy the party. Or maybe I just need a moment because I am crying from joy.

The flowers! I mean...

The box...the plates...insert any extremely positive descriptive terms that you can think of here. Because I think them all.

Show your love with comments for Jenny! And I want to send her a huge thank you for going above and beyond and putting together this whole photo shoot for little old me. I heart you Jenny!

Here are her sources for the zombie party (because I know you all want to recreate this at home!)
Zombie pops - Recipe from Cake Pops by Bakerella
3 striped bowls, styrofoam cone, creepy sign - Michaels
Test Tubes - Martha Stewart crafts at Joann Fabric
Black 3 tier wire dessert stand, bone munch (skeleton bones) - Cost Plus
Zombie hands, sugar eyes on zombie pops - Bake it Pretty
Gummy eyeballs, black licorice - Target
Striped pumpkin, wire spider web - Lavender Ridge Gift Shop (Reno, NV)
Flowers - Costco
Cream creepy fabric - Walmart
Glass milk bottles - Red Hill General Store
Black cake stands - Rosanna
Soda Crate - Vintage (similar available on Etsy)
Tablecloth fabric - Pottery Barn (past season)
Small clear glass cake stand - vintage (Etsy)
Large clear glass cake stand - vintage (Etsy)
Black melamine platter - Target (past season)
Apothecary jars - Martha Stewart for Macy's (past season)



Kristin said...

Very cute!! Make me wanna have a party!

Kori Clark said...

ADORABLE!! The brain juice is SO Funny!!! Great table! I love the clean look of it all.

Joy said...

I love all the ideas. Everything is so cute.

Luna and Chloe said...

This is just too cute! Love all the details!! Fabulous job ;-)

You Are My Fave said...

I love the cake pops and the fact that she used green instead of orange.

Anonymous said...

This party looks amazing! I love the vaccine tubes. Thanks for joining my Halloween Link Party!

- Megan

Crystal Raen said...

This is too cool, hard to find the milk bottles on red hill's site are these the one's you used?

Cupcakes and Cutlery said...

Hi Crystal,
Yes, Jenny used the 1/2 pint version.

Anonymous said...

I just featured your project! :)

Red Hill General Store said...

Hi, we saw that you mentioned our website on your blog, just wanted to say thank you, and we love it when our customers are happy.

Cupcake Carrie said...

Zombie puree... hilarious!!! GREAT table. I love the web and simplicity of it!


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