Friday, October 8, 2010

OC Vendor Spotlight - Sadie James Photography and Fall Photo Shoot Wrap Up

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I promise I'll stop talking about my fall photo shoot. I just had a really great time doing it. From the crafting beforehand to the day of the actual shoot. But more then anything it is the people I got to work with. One of the coolest things to come out of the shoot was being able to work with Cheryl of Sadie James Photography. Over the years, Cheryl and I have had a few mutual friends but we recently reconnected when we both worked with Kristin of Meringue Bake Shop, on separate events (check out Cheryl's gender reveal party here!). In my opinion, this shoot only turned out so great because of her keen eye for the finished shot. She was able to tweak minor things and make a huge impact. Being a mom, she is great at photographing children and generally does portrait work. She is based in Orange County so if you're local and have been wanting to have some family photos done, don't hesitate to contact her. She has a studio as well as shoots on location. She is also amazing at event photography because she really appreciates the details and event design. I was beyond thrilled to shoot with her and hope we get to work together again!

There are a few more details that I want to share from the shoot and then it's on to other projects. I've got some really fun ones in the works!

I chose to use vegetables instead of florals for this shoot. In case you are interested in using them yourself, I wanted to share two great places to buy them from. As you can probably guess, Whole Foods has a pretty great selection of veggies. There I bought the "cheddar" cauliflower, baby broccoli, and some sort of purple lettuce. As you can guess, the prices are higher then other places so I made sure to only buy those really special items there. For the rest of the veggies, I went to Super King Market in Anaheim. You will never beat their veggie prices. If you are from Orange County and you need a large quantity of amazing produce, this is your place. I walked out of there with three bags stuffed with zucchini, potatoes, green beans, brussel sprouts, and more for $15.

Often the first place I head when planning something is Think Garnish. I love to check out what new products they have. Their stuff never needs much embellishment because they are so cool to begin with! Here I used their 4 oz. ripple cups and hot beverage container. Originally I thought I would create some sort of label to stick on the dispenser but then realized I really wanted a more rustic sign. Thank goodness my dad likes to indulge my whims and whipped out his wood burning tool to help me out. Thank dad!

I loved how all the movie candy turned out using torn pieces of fabrics but I am most proud of the handmade potato sacks. I made them using brown waxed paper from Think Garnish, cutting them and then sewing two sides to create a pouch. No big deal, right? Except even with a few sewing classes under my belt, I still feel as though I'm a beginner. Yes, I had someone thread the machine and wind the bobbin to get me started. And yes, I had someone else unjam the bobbin thread after getting just one pouch finished...but gosh darn it I sewed the straight lines. And then, right after I moved the machine (a big 80's number that used to be my mom's. I swear if it could have worn shoulder pads, it totally would have) the thread spindle went missing. Couldn't sew any more projects for this shoot but luckily I didn't have to as Carole had them all under control. You guys remember Carole, right?

I knew we needed a cover for the hay bales because they are pokey. All the fabric came from M&L Fabric in Anaheim, the best place in Orange County for fabric. I'm insanely in love with the the floral print. I saw it again when I was at the fabric store this weekend and stood staring at it trying to figure out why I might need it. Carole created the covers and also the "remote caddy" style pocket for the side. Because I know, when you've used a hay bale in the past, you were thinking there was something missing...

This area at the rear of the vegetable garden of Park Ave. Restaurant is so great. It was, however, very challenging for Cheryl to shoot without getting random cars or too much of the trailer park peaking over the corn stalks. I think she did an amazing job of finding the right angles and making everything work.

I am in LOVE with these corn husk flowers. I was greatly inspired by these flowers made by Jesi Haack. It was Carole that figured out that if you use a curling iron, you can get the husks to curl and stay that way. There were many fun attempts at manipulating the corn husks. I just love working on projects with other people. So much more fun then by yourself. Luckily my friend Carole loves crafting, creating and carrying on and spends tons of her time helping me (and sometimes just playing) with me on these projects. I can't thank her enough for her help and support and love learning from her. She can literally do or make anything she wants. She's awesome.

So there you go. You have now seen all the photos from the shoot and my posts are now complete. I still can't believe what crazy talented company I was in with the other participants of the fall photo shoot challenge. Make sure you check out the rest of their photos as well. The details are so great in all of them!

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All photos by Sadie James Photography (Thanks again, Cheryl!)


You Are My Fave said...

I don't think I noticed the corn husk flowers before. Brilliant! I'll say it again, you should have won.

jesi haack weddings said...

oh my gosh, cornhusk flowers???? so flippin cute. You are too sweet to have linked me, thank you!


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