Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sewing, Gangsta Rap Style

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I have mentioned my sewing class before, but this class in particular was my favorite by far. While in Palm Springs celebrating Carole's (sewing instructor) bday, we somehow came up with the idea for Gangsta Rap themed sewing night. I mean, they totally go together. There were two things we knew we had to have...gin and juice and chicken and waffles. Our project for the night: baby "booty"s, pictured above.

If it is good enough for Snoop Dogg, it's good enough for us...gin and juice. Some Internet reports said it is made with Gatorade, we decided a plain old juice would be just fine. But as I concocted my chicken and waffles recipe, I realized that something way better than juice would be the perfect mixer for the gin...the Sonic Sunrise. It's my fave drink at Sonic and it was delicious in what turned out to be quite a girly beverage. I think that is why some rappers use pimp cups. If they bedazzle the hell out of the out side of the cup, no one will even try to see what they are drinking. Carole was in charge of drink decor and modified brown paper bags to fit our glasses. That little touch totally made the class for me.
Oh and we sewed too. Carole always has a wonderful array of fabrics for us to choose from for our projects. And some people (ok, one) came dressed up - although Amy sort of ended up a cross between a pirate and a gangster. She even made her own shirt for the occasion.
Since I am lazy, I like to come up with a ways to make tasty treats while not taking too much time. The chicken and waffles needed three things, fried chicken, waffles and maple syrup. Since there was no way in hell I was going to fry chicken (so many ways that could go horribly wrong) I knew exactly where I needed to get it from...Sonic. Besides the Sonic Sunrise the popcorn chicken is another big draw for me. I went all over town looking for mini waffles - that I swore I had seen everywhere but to no avail. I ended up having to cut full size Eggo's in to bite sized pieces. I created a maple butter with pure maple syrup (1/4 cup) mixed with softened butter (1 stick) which ended up being so good I wanted to bathe in it. I took the Sonic Popcorn Chicken and tossed it lightly in maple syrup and proceeded to assemble. Waffle, lots of maple butter topped with maple coated chicken piece. THEY WERE SO GOOD!

Here is a better look at the tray I created to serve the chicken and waffles. I took a record sized shadow frame and used google images of gangsta rappers. After I created, what may just be the weirdest collage I will ever make in my life, I added gold chains with crazy glue. BLING. The rest of the sewing class thought I was crazy but I know there are a lot of people reading this that would have done the same thing. Don't front.

And it wouldn't be a party without a gangsta rap mix playing. Here is the playlist (It's not all gangsta rap but close enough for a bunch of white girls. And it's a bit heavy on the west coast playas, not meant to offend the east. Let's not start any blog beef...)

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All photos are mine mutha f*****...sorry. I got a little carried away.


katie@tulsadetails said...

This is hilarious! I am going to have to try your version of chicken and waffles.

lauren verity said...

you're killing me... this party is too funny. the paper bags really made the party in my opinion:)


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