Friday, August 27, 2010

A thrifty way to party

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I'm having withdrawls. Before we moved, I had just started really frequenting thrift stores. I shopped there for clothes in high school (you're talking to the "hippest dressed" senior, class of '95 rules) but never thought to look there for tablecloths or tableware. Until I went with my friend one day and had the experience I had always hoped for. We were in a strip mall of 4 thrift stores, all of them had nice stuff and several had random 50% off sales. Score! I came away with a lot of nice things and a taste of all the cool stuff I could find. She told me about one chain in particular that I had never heard of, Savers. Turns out, there are only two locally, La Mirada and Anaheim (virtually blocks from where I was living at the time). And so it began...Fast forward to me in my new home, in my favorite town. But its a town void of thrift. As I was on the Savers site, hoping with all my might that there was another store nearer my neck of the woods, I was reminded about something my mother in law had shown me. The Savers site has a ton of projects and tutorials for creating party items out of thrift store finds. And their photos are totally well styled. I was not expecting that from a thrift store chain. Although summer is winding down, they have a section on wedding and summer entertaining including these adorable plants in teacups and cute centerpiece idea using drinking glasses. But due to the impending holiday, they also have a Halloween section including party ideas. All of their ideas and tutorials are available as a pdf download and include step by step instructions on how to recreate them at home. The bat photo back drop is super cute and easy and they also have a ton party game ideas. Who knew!!!

I was inspired to look in to my local thrift stores yesterday due to this post by Everyday Celebrating. It's a great piece on how you can come away with a full party theme just by visiting a thrift shop.

Maybe I'll have to run down and visit my mother in law (very near the Savers) today...

All photos are from the Savers website.


Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

Love this! Who knew that they had pics of this stuff, and who knew it was so good?!?

I love thrifting for milk glass. Its way cheaper than antiquing. And for other items that you just need for a party, its cheap enough that you can use it one or two times and give it back. Like renting.

k said...

oh sister.... we have a Savers in Sparks. Bring a U-haul. And your family. XOXOX


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