Friday, October 1, 2010

Inspiration Board Challenge - October

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I really enjoy this little challenge and I can't believe we are already on to our second installment. There are tons of party blogs and it takes time to weed through them and find those people who's style you really connect with. I am so excited to share with my readers (although most of you are probably already familiar with her work) Kori of Paper and Pigtails.

I adore her graphic design style (she's available for branding and other design work - not just parties) and her printable party packs are some of my favorite online (see them in action on her blog). If you haven't seen her work, pop over and take a look. Her new Halloween pack is adorable and her recent preppy turtle party for her own daughter is so what I would do if I had a little girl. Word on the street is she's got new sets in the works so check back! Inspiration boards are something that anyone can do, but some of us don't get an opportunity or have a reason to do them often. I like that they allow us to get a better sense of the creator's style and gives them another way to express their love for a party. I am so excited to see what Kori comes up with. AND NOW, THE MOMENT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR...

The October challenge piece! I mean, how could you not choose and item that goes right in line with Halloween? I really enjoy this Burlap Pillow Cover by Tobey of My Adobe Cottage. I think it lends itself to so many different styles while being totally Halloween inspired. You simply must check out the rest of her shop. There are many styles of pillows and covers to choose from (um, the North Pole mail bag is a fave) as well as the most ridiculously perfect burlap Christmas stockings and French inspired burlap table runner with red stripes.

I hate that we have to wait a month to see the finished inspiration board! But I do like that this one will be up right in time for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, I challenged Jenny of Hank and Hunt (you know, my online bff?) with a Halloween inspiration item as well. Not only did she create the most adorable inspiration board, but she put the party together for a photo shoot as well. And I have the pictures. They are mine. All mine. Muwahahahah. Sorry that was my attempt at a sinister laugh. And they will be up next week. You will want to see them. Trust me.

Thanks again to Kori and Tobey for being part of my challenge for the month! Have a great weekend everyone.

Top 3 photos from Paper and Pigtails
Photo of pillow from My Adobe Cottage


Kristy {the purple pug} said...

SO EXCITED to see what Kori whips up. I know it will be beyond fabulous:)

Kori Clark said...

I am so excited!!! Bring on the Burlap!

Kate Landers Events, LLC © 2009 said...

VERY excited to see what the amazing Kori creates! She created the most amazing Woodland Fairy printables for my party and it received rave reviews thanks to her spectacular work! I know she will knock all our socks off!


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