Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rustic without the splinters

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As some of you may know, I have been working on a project (check back early Friday morning for details!!!). This project had several "rustic" elements to it. When I hear rustic, I usually think things like rough, uncomfortable, dirty, and not very chic. But as I sat relaxing this weekend, reading my Food and Wine Magazine, this party stopped me in my tracks. Put on by Silkstone, an event company based in NY, this party is the epitome of rustic chic. Those plexi cubes! What a brilliant idea! Look how unsplintery that old wood crate looks in there. And the empty wine bottles. So cool.
Next stop...tabletop. This quick, handmade table is so simple but stunningly beautiful at the same time. Nary a cocktail napkin or other decorative serving piece on the table, the herbs steal the show.
Every element shown, and by George I wish there had been more!, was perfect. And you know I love a do it yourself cocktail bar.
The party was a take on a crush party from the world of wine. Here, instead of having guests get their feet all mucked up, you were invited to use your hands. I hadn't heard of Silkstone before but this makes me want to see what else they have been up to. And the cool thing about reading the article in Food and Wine online is they have purchase suggestions in case you want to "borrow" the look at home. While the plexi glass cubes they recommend were rather pricey, I'm sure some of the diy-ers out there can come up with a much more economical option.

All photos from Food and Wine Magazine by Michael Turek

******My photo shoot will be up Friday AM. Check back here for the link!

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