Monday, September 27, 2010

I challenged Carter & Cook and we ALL win!

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Do you know Ashlyn and Heather? Well, neither do I. Sure I've seen their amazing creations around online. But have I ever met them in person? No. But I took a chance and reached out to them one day and they graciously indulged me. You see, I heard a song on the radio and it screamed wedding. But just as soon as my head started planning an appropriately themed event based on the tone of the song, the name Carter & Cook popped in there too. Who better to do a wedding inspiration board? Based on their past work, I felt they had the perfect balance of joy, whimsy, class and fun to create a memorable event from this song. So here you go, a special wedding treat for my readers....

I love what they put together so much! I mean, there are only 3 years until my 10 year anniversary vow renewal. Could this be my inspiration?


In Ashlyn's words:
"Since the song is upbeat and super joyful, I wanted the inspiration board to be fun while emanating a warm, fall like feel. The song is great and screams celebration! Lots of confetti, color, glitz and glam should be used at the wedding...after all, it is a party isn't it? My favorite photo is the center photo of the bride looking up at her husband into the warm glow of the afternoon. Definitely captures the feel of the song, "You always make me smile."

Photo Sources (from top to bottom):
Confetti Couple - Windy Dougall Photography
Confetti Shoes - Once Wed
Bridesmaid dresses - Braedon Photography
Mini Bundt Cake - Forty-Sixth at Grace Blog
Couple Smiling - Braedon Photography
Signature Cocktails - Unknown
Poppy - Once Wed
Gold Sequins - Unknown
Confetti Garland - Confetti Systems
Yellow Box - Twig & Thistle
Cake Painting - Jordan Ferney

An unbelievably HUGE thank you to Ashlyn of Carter and Cook for playing with me. I truly appreciate that you took the time to put this gorgeous inspiration board together.

One happy Sharon, signing out.
P.S. totally learned about the cool song widget thingy from Hi Fi Weddings. :)


Teresa @ good-grace said...

LOVE this!

Carter & Cook Event Co. said...

Thanks for having us! It was a fun challenge...!


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