Monday, July 12, 2010

I've always wanted my own stationery store

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I should be packing right now. No, not for a fabulous, exotic vacation. A move. Our 6th move in 7 years. There is no telling how many of our friends and family members have the wrong mailing address for us. I sent out announcements after the first two moves of our married life but after that it just felt redundant. And the cost of stamps just keeps going up. It would cost a small fortune to let all of our acquaintances know. But then I came across Paperless Post. At first I thought it was just like an online invitation service like Evite. But it is so much more. Not only can you create invitations and save the date cards but you can also create custom note cards, moving announcements (holla!), thank you cards, sympathy cards and birth announcements. The designs are stunning and you can modify them to exactly the way you want. From the casual to the formal options, they are of the moment and classy, and the kid options are modern with the perfect amount of whimsy. Paperless Post offers tons of ways to personalize your mail like adding personal photos. What I like the best about this site is that it feels pretty close to actually getting mail. If you choose, you can send your card in a virtual envelope which looks totally realistic. The site is free to join and for signing up you receive 25 stamps and 10 coins. Each card, invite etc. costs 1 stamp to send and you can use your coins for upgrades offered on the site such as envelope liners, second sides of cards, etc. Each additional stamp is $0.08 which is considerably less then regular mail. Another great feature is that there are no ads on the site. Your recipient gets your card and only your card. I have used similar sites to send out invitations (it's like totally green, yo) and what I love about Paperless Post is that your guests can click right on the invitation after reading it and RSVP. I mean, no one RSVPs anymore, they can't make it much easier. The site has totally convinced me to send out moving announcements once we get settled. Do you think I'll get more issues if I send a cute card to change my magazine subscriptions?

Now you ready for this? Cupcakes and Cutlery readers can sign up now and get an extra 10 stamps. Follow this link HERE. Remember it is free to sign up so even if you are just a little bit curious, you can check it out with nothing to lose.

*All images are created with or courtesy of Paperless Post

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Jenny said...

This is totaly AWESOME!!! I love it! As a girl who is terrible at sending birthday cards...I buy them but they never go out in time...this is a lifesaver! All the cute designs...Hallelujah!!!


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