Monday, March 1, 2010

This Mama rocks and produces rock royalty

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I met Laurie a few months ago via the interweb. We connected over my son's Rock Star birthday party from last year as she was in the midst of planning a rocking good time for one of her own sons. The party was held recently and you have to check out her pics. What a great party she created. I love to see how people add their own special touches to a fairly common theme. She was super creative and the party is a great mix of kid friendly and adult tolerable. :) I'm in love with her "drink specials" where she put bottled rootbeer in a tub like you might find at a concert venue (in a dive bar, certainly not a large amphitheater where they charge you $12 for a shot of beer). Check out the rest of the party over at her blog, This Mama Rocks.


photos via This Mama Rocks.

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