Monday, March 1, 2010

A new format to my life

We've moved to - you'll be redirected to this post in a moment.

Thinking of legally changing our middle names to "trouble", "tired", and "danger", respectively.

It takes a long time to be witty and informational. Approximately an hour, in fact. I have a bazillion items I want to blog about and a bazillion times 1 hour is, well, an enormous amount of time. As some of you may have noticed, my partner in crime, A, has been absent from the blog front for quite some time and I am having trouble picking up the slack. And while I LOVE blogging about party products and all the things you can do with them at a party, I've come to realize that my readers are mostly the creative types that also love to plan parties and not the people who need a lot of guidance on the subject (mom, I realize that you fall in to the latter category, but rest assured I am only a phone call away from all your party planning needs...:). So in an effort to still be able to get some blogging in, while not completely neglecting my family, I am going to focus mostly on products, the quick low down on them and links to find out more. Some you may think, what the heck could she possibly use that for...and if that is the case, just ask!!! I'd be more then happy to list ideas.


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