Monday, October 19, 2009

Cupcake Vineyards

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I had the pleasure of tasting the Cupcake Vineyards chardonnay on a recent girls trip to Palm Springs. I have realized that choosing wine based on the name or what the label looks like doesn't generally work out for me so I had resisted this brand for that reason. But turns out, I really liked it. So color me excited when I saw an ad in a recent magazine featuring a sweepstakes. I was super excited to enter for a chance to win a trip to their vineyard in Monterey, California to help them blend a batch of wine. Turns out the contest isn't open to people in California!!!! WHAT???!!! Oh well, I looked at their website anyway and came to find out that they have a few yummy sounding cupcake recipes such as Chipotle Chocolate Cupcakes with Maple Glazed Bacon on their site that I wanted to make sure to share with you. And how sweet would it be to serve this Cupcake Vineyards wine at your next sweets themed bridal shower? Ok, back to packing. I hope one you out of staters wins the contest!!!! You can sign up here.


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Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Girrrrrl, you know I watched!!! Somehow my WHOLE family was watching with me(must not have been any football on). So we're watching and I'm trying to absorb all the fabulousness, hubby is over there saying "they are spending a million dollars! Who can do all that?", and my kids are swooning over each and every party, just wanting to jump into the TV!!! ...Glad I taped it!


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