Thursday, August 13, 2009

Now you're cooking

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I have always wanted to set up a cooking club with my friends. I love the idea of trying out some new recipes, pairing the wine and generally entertaining them. And what is even better with a cooking club is you get to have amazing food and conversation monthly, but only have to clean when it is your turn to host! So then I went and moved an hour away. Although I get to see my friends quite often, the idea of a scrumptious dinner and drinks followed by an hour drive home is not appealing. So for now, I will have to live vicariously through the other groups of friends who do this on a regular basis. But, if I ever move back closer to my friends, or make friends here, I'll be prepared. Bon Appetit magazine has a section in the magazine each month called, are you ready for it? Cooking Club. They take recipes from that issue and work it in to a theme, from pre-dinner cocktails and appetizers to dessert. Since menu planning is one of my favorite parts of entertaining, it delights me to see what they come up with each month. Past themes were A Modern Comfort Menu, A Vegetarian Feast, and Cozy Winter Supper. And what is better, their online site provides even more information. Of course they provide links to all the recipes, but they have also prepared a PDF of a game plan with helpful hints to help you execute the meal. And some day I'll be able to use their PDF on setting up a cooking club. Okay, off to plan a girl's weekend with my friends. I miss them.

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