Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wrap it Up!

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I don't know what your weather has been like, but it has been absolutely gorgeous here in Southern California for the past few weeks now. In fact, it has been so gorgeous that I actually gave in when a friend of mine suggested we allow the girls to get out of school a little early last Friday and take them down to the beach for the afternoon. This was the first time I have actually allowed her to play hookie from school and it was definitely a learning experience for me. First of all, I learned that when allowing your child to go home early, it is generally not a good idea to pick them up from school in a swimsuit and terrycloth sundress cover up....especially when using the "we're going out of town" excuse. I also learned that it is probably best not to pick your daughter up with your friend who is also picking her daughter up actually with you, also dressed in her beach gear. Oh, and I definitely learned not to actually tell your child you are picking them up early so her first words to the teacher are not "Guess what! I get to go home early today so I can go to the beach!" Oh and one other thing I learned? Pizza Hut will actually deliver to the beach. We found this out after our very poorly wrapped Subway sandwiches actually became SANDwiches. I was actually pretty bummed about this because I was really looking forward to my ham and cheese. And I just kept thinking, there MUST be a better way to wrap up food for a picnic. And yes, as it turns out, I learned something else that day too. Because when I came home, there in my mailbox was my new issue of Real Simple, complete with a whole section dedicated to summer picnic foods and photos of the most awesome picnic sandwich wraps. I think the coolest thing about the Wrap N Mat is that it also doubles as a placemat so you just unfold and eat. But its also totally earth friendly and reusable, so you won't go through three million plastic bags the next time you take your soiree outdoors. They are just $8.00 each besides. And with summer just around the corner there are plenty of opportunities to take your entertaining on the road so you will totally get your money's worth. Check out their website for all the different fabric options. You can purchase them directly, or also visit your local Whole Foods (though it might be best to call to make sure they have some in stock). Here's to summer!!!


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