Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo Garland (coffee hasn't kicked in yet, no puns today)

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I have had a lot of opportunity lately to take photographs. Sometimes it is really hard for me to pick up my camera and shoot with two kids under foot. I'm going to be honest, I have way fewer photos of M then of my first child, O. Often, it is just me and I don't have a spotter for M when I'm trying to prop him up in silly poses. O is so over having his picture taken that I now have a series of his blurry back. And have I remembered to put the camera up high enough? O seems to really enjoy taking photos and seems to know that his Fisher Price digital camera simply doesn't compare to my Nikon. So I have been really excited with all the parties we have been having that allow me to pawn the kids off on a relative and leave me free to roam. And I have also found, that as M is starting to hold himself up more, I can get photos other then him just lying on a blanket. I am currently sorting through hundreds and hundreds of the digital photos we have taken since M's arrival in December and am trying to figure out how to display them. I found this great photo garland over on Decor8 this morning. I love that it incorporates fabric and larger photos then most other photo garlands. I think this would make amazing party decor for all kinds of party. What a great way to showcase photos from your babies first year. Or to celebrate a couple's courtship at a bridal shower or anniversary party. The fabric is so much warmer then cardstock and I love the sunny print they chose in this version. I think I will give this a try in our bedroom.

Here are other examples of photo garland: Martha Stewart, Party Perfect, and

(bottom photo is one of my favorites of M, just had to share)

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