Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's a wrap

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I aspire to make beautiful cakes. In my head I see myself baking the most tasty, moist layer cakes that are tiered and iced in a simple, yet elegant manner. Maybe some sugar flowers, maybe some ribbon. In my head they are always exquisite and take about 5 minutes. In reality, I am not a natural baker. What I mean by "natural" is that I have no baking common sense. It doesn't come easy to me and although I try to follow recipes exactly as they are written, I think my brain has a filter that blocks out the most important steps and keeps me from seeing them until after I have already done something incorrectly. Which is generally why I forgo scratch baking and use boxed mixes. Those are nearly impossible for me to screw up. But there really isn't a shortcut or anything easy about the decorating part of cakes. Sure you can use frosting from a jar, but even spreading that on to a cake is sometimes nerve wracking. How do I get it smooth? Where are all these crumbs coming from? Where is my off set spatula? What is an off set spatula? But once the initial frosting is on the cake, how do you make it special? There are plenty of cakes to look at on Martha Stewart but let me be frank for a moment. I feel like those cakes can only be made by actual artists. Or food stylists. I mean, half of those cakes probably use playdough instead of icing just to photograph well (ok, probably not, but it helps me to think that they are). So when I saw these Edible Cake Wraps I just about screamed for joy. The instructions seem simple enough, simply ice your cake and then take the decoration out of its protective bag and lay it on the cake. Lightly smooth with your hands and let the decorations sit for 15 to 20 minutes before peeling off the backing. The moisture in the frosting helps to transfer the image and the finished product will look slightly airbrushed. Each package comes with three strips of the design and costs around $10.29. They also have kits for tiered cakes that are coordinating colors and patterns and cost a little more at $18.95 and up. I haven't seen these in stores before but they can be bought online at The Party Works. I can't wait to try these!!!! They have some really cool, modern designs as well as traditional patterns. Has anyone ever used these? I'd love to know if they are really as easy to use as they say to save me from crying any more kitchen tears.


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Jen said...

Either that, or order one from your neighbor!


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