Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ah, Sugar, Sugar

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Sorry about about no post yesterday. I had not planned my post ahead and had a really late night Monday. And my 10 month old sounds like he has a smoker's cough. And since I haven't yet caught him lighting up, I thought I should take him to the doctor which happened Tuesday morning. Then, I got a call from A and she is pretty much sicker than sick and so I decided to post for her on Wednesday. Now that you are all caught up, let's talk about sugar. A and I strive to make our parties memorable because of the attention to details. Sometimes it doesn't have to be so blatantly in your guest's faces (Did you see the table cloth I embroidered with all my guests faces on it? Yes, I am a party goddess). Sometimes, it can be as simple as flavored sugar. The March issue of Food & Wine talks about these organic flavored sugars by Allstar Organics. Are you ready for these flavors? Spearmint, Lavender and Rose. Yeah. Immediately I thought about using these as rimmers for cocktails. Or even making them into a simple syrup for the cocktails. But you can also use them in recipes in place of regular sugar. Or use them for sanding sugars or decorations on top of cookies or cupcakes. There is a slight tint of color which makes them visually interesting and for those of you having a color themed party, here is another way to work the color in, in a unique way. They are sold in a set of all three flavors on their website for $36. This is a bit pricier then we would usually post about on this site, but in my opinion, these would also make great hostess gifts. So if you buy a set you not only have the option of working the sugars in to your parties, cooking, etc., but if you break up the set, you also will now have hostess gifts on hand for when you need them. The company also sells flavored salts so check those out too. I really didn't think sugar could be made better, but they did it!


**Updated to add: As my kind sister pointed out, I noted above that my baby is 10 months old. He is in fact 3 months old. Apparently the lack of sleep has me doing worse simple math then usual...

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