Thursday, February 12, 2009

Adorable forest creatures theme

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O and I went to Michaels this morning to purchase googly eyes. He likes to do crafts but our supplies were not so great. I told him that if he was a good listener that we could go and pick out some more things. And the item at the top of his list, googly eyes. I knew that my time at Michaels was going to be limited due to the fact that I had the toddler and the infant, but I had to at least check out the Martha crafts and see what else is new in the way of scrapbooking papers. Mind you, I don't scrapbook. But the collections are always so cool. And on one of the end caps I came across the cutest collection. Perfect, just in time for spring. And if I didn't already have a theme for O's upcoming bday party, this would be it. Made by Colorbok, their Friendly Forest line is made with the coolest color palette and adorable woodland creatures. I am not usually drawn to animal items, but this is just done so right. So I bought a 12 x 12 scrap pack to use as part of our craft cupboard. This collection could be used for baby showers, birthday parties, dinner parties, in a child's lunch bag, and so many other ways. The kit that I bought not only has 12 x 12 papers, but also punch out tags, letters, sayings, and animals. You could pretty much put an entire party together from this one kit for $12.99 (an today, it was on sale). If you do use this for a party let us know so we can post the adorable results. I googled the product to find pictures and did not come across good photos at all. But I did come across this blog where the girl used the collection to make cards and it gives you a much better view of the animals. Check that out and then run to Michaels to buy it.


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rae said...

Thanks for linking me up, I'm the 'girl' who made the cards using the Friendly Forest collection ;)
~Rae Barthel


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