Wednesday, October 1, 2008


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I do not consider myself to be very crafty. S insists that I have creative talent but what I haven't told her (so this is on the DL) is that I am not creative at all. What I AM good at, however, is copying other people's stuff. So naturally, when I first heard about Etsy I was like "Awesome" - a whole resource full of things I could copy and do myself. Only I could not have been more wrong. For the most part, the people at Etsy are so far out of my league I could not even begin to comprehend what they did to create the things they are selling. So far out of my league...and yet I can't seem to drag myself off of the site! I could literally write an entire blog just based around the coolness that is Etsy. And Etsy just happens to be where I found out about Tangarang. Kira Franz-Knight, the founder of Tangarang, is a girl after my own heart. Not content with the typical licensed party invitation kits, superhero solutions, or box-store frozen appetizers, Kira now creates and sells her own party kits. A sample of her work can be seen on her Etsy site (search for Tangarang), though she does custom work as well. But what is even cooler is that Kira has her own blog about parties and party-related items. And from time to time, she even posts free downloads! Her current download is for Halloween and is super cute. You should definitely check it out and come back often to see what's coming next. Kira, we love your work!


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