Friday, October 31, 2008

Off the wagon

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So you may be noticing a theme here. I mean, just yesterday I wrote a love letter to wine and today I am pining for champagne cocktails...It's been a long week. I have never had to cook a Thanksgiving dinner before. But it looks like a lot of work. And while family starts showing up early in the day, you certainly don't want to put much thought in to breakfast or nibbles when you have the super bowl of all meals to prepare. I think these jams from Stonewall Kitchen are the perfect solution. And maybe it is because I long for a Bellini. The idea of a Bellini jam is so tantalizing. Mmmmm, I can almost taste it on a perfectly toasted piece of sourdough bread. Yum! They have other champagne cocktail inspired jams as well, like Mimosa and Kir Royal. And what a great idea these would be for a girly bridal shower brunch or baby shower where some people frown on serving the real bubbly. And if you have an extra minute, take a look at the amazing amount of products they have available on the site. They have everything from frozen entrees, to gift baskets to home decor. And while you are there, check out their fruit butters (Caramel Apple Butter anyone?)

Oh yeah, and Happy Halloween. On account of my kid's food allergies and my disdain for the holiday in general, I wasn't even thinking about posting anything Halloweeny today.

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tangarang said...

Hiya! Super blog...and thanks for the Oct.1 shout-out...I had no idea you were even thanks!!! Stop by and caht more party stuff...


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