Sunday, June 1, 2008

Coming Up Roses

My mother-in-law has an enormous garden where she cuts flowers from. She also has a great eye for floral design, so she's often got several great looking flower arrangements in her home at any given time. This works out great for me since she usually will bring a big bouquet of flowers with her when she comes for dinner. I absolutely love the idea of always having fresh flowers in your home. I'd love to have a big garden myself. Of course, that also requires a lot of time and energy. And getting dirty. And bees. (My five year old just wouldn't stand for that since she has informed us that she is on a quest to kill all bees and wasps in the world after she was stung three times by a wasp last summer (long story)). On second thought, maybe I'll just stick to these paper flowers from PaperSource. Of course, PaperSource remains a haven for all the scrapbookers out there and is a great place to go if you plan to make your own invitations (if you've never actually BEEN inside a PaperSource, you need to find your closest one immediately just to take a look at their WALL of envelope options. Yes, I said WALL). But they've also got some great paper craft kits including these paper flower kits. There are over twenty-five different options to choose from. Poppies, daffodils, magnolias, even orchids! The kits generally make a dozen flowers and are just $14.00. Consider using these flowers in lieu of fresh for a centerpiece at your next bridal shower, baby shower or 2nd baby sprinkle. Purchase a few to use as bouquets for a wedding rehearsal. Use them as package toppers when wrapping gifts, or turn them into a corsage. Unlike fresh flowers, no water is required and they won't die, so use them, save them and then reuse them! Plus (S, Mom and O, this is for you) - they are 100% allergy free!

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