Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thouroughly Modern Elmo?

I'm going to be right up front with all of you and let you know that blogging is new to us here at Cupcakes and Cutlery. While we want to follow blogosphere rules and dot all our "i's" so to speak, we really just want to post! We long to have it mastered like the blog created by Jenn of She's got game. Fo' sho'. So we just ask you to bear (bare? - oh man, I may not be smarter then a 5th grader...) with us as we live and learn. So one question I have, is can you blog about a blog of another blog? I know this is only the second post of the site, and trust me, I have a bajillion (I'm sure it is an actual word) things of my own to share with you, but this recent post on modern Elmo parties just really hits home with me right now. Last weekend was my nephew's 1st birthday party, yesterday was my niece's 2nd birthday party (although it was out of state so I couldn't go, Taylor, tell your mommy to move closer...) and next Saturday is my son's 2nd birthday so I've kind of been in the market for kiddie stuff lately. And I have to say that while licensed character parties are about as modern to me as doilies, sometimes you gotta give a kid what a kid wants. So when I saw this post on HWTM (Hostess with the Mostess - stay with me people) a few weeks ago, I freaked out. I immediately started emailing all of my friends with kids to show them how cute an Elmo party could be. So please read the post over at HWTM blog so you can see accurate linking of whose idea/parties were whose. And while you are over there, check out her blog archives and then head over to her main page to see the amazing party resources she has over there. It's just about dinner time right now and seeing all her scrumptious recipes and gorgeous photos is making me want to eat my computer screen.
So please check out the blog I saw about the parties here
the original post of the first two photos here and here
and the post of the last three photos here


karri said...

Taylor's mommy thinks that you should move closer to Nevada. I love, love, love your blog... and I will be forwarding it to everyone I know!! Keep up the good work girls!

Courtney said...

thanks for the shout-out Sharon!


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