Saturday, April 5, 2008

Package Makes Perfect

In the past few years, I have been involved in planning work events, baby showers, second baby sprinkles, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthday trips, first birthday parties, 30th birthday parties...just to name a few.  How in the world did I never run across  I don't know about you, but when I read an MS good thing (from here on out on Cupcakes and Cutlery, MS will refer to the Queen of all entertaining - Martha Stewart - come on how can you have a website on parties with out tipping one to our homie?) Sorry, where was I, when I read her magazine, I always want to recreate the crafts for my own parties.  So I look at her resources and jump on line to purchase the materials.  But wait, that can't possibly be right?  You want me to buy how many?  Exactly what would any normal person need 2000 mini muffin papers for?  But alas - Garnish to the rescue!  These fine ladies have made it possible for you to buy as many or as few of their "bits 'n' pieces" as you need.  Do you need just one clear frosted die cut bag?  It's all yours (for $0.45 a bag, true story).  How about a couple 4" wooden cocktail forks? No problem (for $0.10 per fork!).  But you really need to visit the site to see all they have to offer.  Not only do they provide an awesome assortment of packaging, favor and food serving ideas, they also provide super creative party themes as well.  And don't get me started on their blog!   I have been trying to find an excuse to purchase some of their products but my party planning calendar has run dry! (except for my son's 2nd birthday next weekend - but we are calling that a non-party for my husband's sake after last years 1st birthday extravaganza...). is super informative and has easy to find info on everything from shipping methods and returns to the environmental friendliness of their products (being green is so hot right now).  Oh my gosh, I totally just started thinking of how cute my son's lunches could be when he starts school!  And the organizing that could happen in my pantry...How would you Garnish


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Courtney said...

i love this stuff! Thanks for the good tips!


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