Monday, August 9, 2010

The Junior Society and Mahar Drygoods

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*BEST OF...The following post was originally posted on 4/14/08. And I still love Mahar Drygoods. Take a look around their site. They have some amazing new products including an adorable printable decorations.

I have been a proud member of Junior Society for about a year now. What can I say, I love to be part of a club. And I love humor. So Robert Mahar, the self proclaimed Grand Poobah of Junior Society is definitely someone I could be friends with. On the website, he says he mainly chose this title because "it makes me sound like a big shot and somehow justifies my desire to wear a tasseled fez and develop secret handshakes." Secret handshakes people! That is right up my alley. As Grand Poobah, he scours the web to bring the members amazing finds of clever new and vintage items and unusual activities related to children. With a great archive to peruse, you should head over immediately to check it out. With sections titled Arts & Crafts, Benevolence and Education, your are sure to find something you fancy. Be sure not to miss the section called Celebrations. You will view some amazing international tid bits culled from the web. Whether it is all different interpretations of the Easter bunny or whimsical Danish decorations and toys for Christmas, you will enjoy the eye candy. I am positive you will love the site's illustrations and design.
But let's get back to Mr. Mahar. Aside from putting together this fabulous site, he also runs an online store called Mahar Drygoods which "specializes in vintage and artisan crafted curiosities for kids." What a way with words! All items are handmade and are so cheerful. I want to buy one of everything. Browse sections called Get Dressed, Go Play, Settle Down or Go to Your Room. But, of course, don't forget to Celebrate! The party section is totally unique and awesome. From party favors to holiday decorations, you are sure to be pleased and will take pride in knowing you won't have what everyone else on the block has. You've got something special. A few of my favorites are the felt cupcake picks, the pennant garlands, and the crochet party hats. I love that these items are handmade but are so high in quality that you would never try to make them yourself. Unlike some of the themey party items that you use once and toss, these are sure to become keepsakes and be reused over and over. I can't wait to purchase the My Big Day placemat. I just know my son would feel so special using it. And I bet your kids will too! And you know the price is right or we wouldn't tease you with it. What are you waiting for? Go!

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