Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Every Day with Rachael Ray

I'm obsessed with the Food Network.  I love to watch the shows.  And I love to take cooking classes.  But I HATE cooking.  So I like Rachael Ray because she clearly knew how valuable my time is (or the extent of my laziness) when she came out with her 30 minute meals.  My well stocked cookbook shelves include many of her books, so imagine my joy when I found out about Every Day with Rachael Ray!  Although not all the recipes featured are done in 30 minutes, and I'm going to be honest with you, her 30 minutes equals one of my hours...the magazine is awesome.  I enjoy the themed parties that she creates in the magazine and also the centerpiece ideas.  And there are often products shown inside that get my party planning juices flowing.  And that is just the magazine.  If you go on the magazine's website, there are even more resources for party planning.  When I checked it out today, there were videos to watch with party ideas and decorating tips and of course the requisite recipe bank full of fun cocktails, hors d'....appetizers and all that other good stuff.  So everything you love in the magazine is right at your fingertips online.  My favorite part though, the downloads!!! As our bio states, A and I like to make all our parties super personalized.  The website includes downloads for music playlists, stickers, magnets, place cards, candy bar wrapper (soooooooooo cute!) and more! And best of all, they are $f,ree.ee.  You HAVE to check it out.  The instructions are easy to follow and I never worry that my craft skills aren't up to par to pull it off.  So thanks A, for my Xmas subscription.  Your brother (my husband) thanks you too since I'm about to go to Michaels for card stock for some place cards...


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