Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Inspiration Board Challenge - Final Board

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Remember this Mini and Maximus shirt?  Yup, it was the inspiration piece I sent to Taryn of Formal Fringe to create a mood board for.  

Taryn says:
I know this is a kid's t-shirt, but I can't help but imagine it being worn by a playful women on a milestone birthday, worn tucked in to a glimmering sequined skirt.  The glitter and glam carries into the whole fete through metallic details on escort cards, plates, envelopes and even in the drinks!  The decor of the room is neutral, weaving tones of gold, copper and silver with modern black and white.  It's the perfect state to crown her the official V.P. of Fun for the night! 

Photo Sources:
Metallic china patterns, Martha Stewart Weddings
Netural Tassle Garland - CONFETTISYSTEM
Mojito with edible glitter - Fashionably Bombed
V.P. of Fun t-shirt - Mini & Maximus
Metallic Sequined Bell Skirt - J.Crew
Black and white lounge - Rue Mag
Golden feather envelopes - Furze Chan
Metallic graphic escort cards - Martha Stewart Weddings

Thank you so much, Taryn for putting this board together!  I love your idea of pairing the Tee with a gorgeous, shimmery skirt.  And those metallic stars in the drink are making me SO happy!  This would also make a rad New Year's Eve theme.  I wish I had the energy to throw a blow out party for the last big holiday of the year.  

Can you believe it is November already!?!  Let the Christmas shopping commence!  I heard Christmas music while shopping at Michaels today and I didn't hate it...

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