Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Faced Oranges with Cloves!

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Did you ever make clove studded oranges for Christmas when you were little?  We did.  These might be two of my favorite smells in the world.  When my boys started asking to carve our pumpkins, I kept telling them no, that it was too early.  Too many years we cut in to the pumpkins, making adorably spooky faces, only to find them all moldy and gross before Halloween.  So in order to have them feel like they were making pumpkin faces I decided to give them oranges and cloves.

Here is the very detailed tutorial:

Get an orange and some whole cloves.  Shove cloves in orange in any face or pattern you want.  Enjoy.

And the kitchen smells amazing when you are done.  I will let you know that these lasted all of 5 minutes with my boys.  They have some sort of inner driving force that prompts them to take apart anything they just finished making. 

Don't want faces?  You can create any kind of pattern or polka dot look from the cloves too.  I call this one Charlie Brown's shirt. 

For some reason I decided to google and see if anyone else had already done this craft AFTER I did it (duh). And of course there are others.  Check them out for more inspiration here and here.

all photos are mine. 

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