Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trader Joes Frozen Peach Pop Champagne Cocktail

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You.  Guys.  So I decided to see what would happen if you paired Trader Joe's Frozen Peach Pops ($1.99 for 6!) with champagne.  What I found is the most delicious, simple, inexpensive cocktail, perfect for your next party.  If you haven't had these pops on their own yet, you totally should.  They are made from real fruit and are delicious! 

As most party guru's will tell you, when using mixers with champagne, you don't need to splurge.  I have about 7 bottles of Korbel leftover from a recent party so I decided to grab one to test this recipe out.  Since, as with most of my recipe testing, was done before dinner time, I assure you that I poured out the rest of the bottle.  No dinners were harmed in the making of this recipe.  

So grab a bottle of whatever champagne you prefer.  Grab a box of the Trader Joe's Frozen Peach Pops (they also come in strawberry but that flavor wasn't that great when mixed with champagne).  Grab a glass and a spoon. 

Add one whole peach pop to your glass of choice (I've also been told that the champagne does not really require a flute, it is simply to showoff the bubbles better but won't change the taste in any way).  Top with your champagne (or sparkling wine, I know, I know, Korbel probably didn't come from the Champagne region of France).  Give it a little stir with your spoon.  Here is a little trick I learned when I had to make fountain drinks at Ruby's, to keep the bubbles from spilling out over the top of the glass keep the spoon in as you pour and pour against the spoon.  Works for root beer floats and will work for your champagne cocktail too.  

The longer the peach sits in the champagne, the better it tastes.  And there are real bits of fruit in the pops which you will be able to see more clearly as the peach mixes with the bubbles.  I love this because you can set these frozen pops out on a bar in a cup and let people add them as they want them.  Because they are frozen they will stay pretty darn cold for a while and won't dilute the champagne as they thaw either.  Sometimes, I delight myself.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have a peach pop to finish.  You have to guess if it is on its own or mixed with champagne. 

all photos are mine, all mine!!! mwah-hahah!


Tori said...

I need to try this NOW. Okay, maybe I'll wait until the work day is over, but YUM!

Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

Brilliant...yum. We happen to have those peach pops in our freezer...and I just happen to have to go to the store. What a great reason to buy champagne.

amy said...

you're having cocktails ALONE??? Never never never do that again.

Desi said...

1. Gotta try this!
2. Great job on the photos!



Heather B said...

GORGEOUS photos and yeah, the cocktail looks really yummy too!

Jessica said...

As a champagne/sparkling wine lover, I'm always coming up with new champagne cocktails. I do a "bubbly bar" at our annual christmas cocktail party and puree lots of fruit for it, but this is perfect! What a great way to make it easier and with a new baby, I'm looking for easier!


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