Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kids Can Rock Too - Rad Rock from Your Musical Library

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I got a new car a few months back.  It came with Sirius XM which I adore.  For a while, I got away with listening to XMU, First Wave or Alt Nation.  But one day I made the grave mistake of changing it to the kid's station, Kid's Place Live.  I don't actually hate everything about it.  In fact, some of the music they play is actually good.  But do you know what it is like to talk to a young child on the phone?  Pretty painful right?  Yeah.  Well, they have several call-in type shows on that channel.  Why oh why?!  But my son, who is obsessed with Ghostbusters heard the theme song on the channel one time and now he's afraid if we change it, he will miss the song.  I bought him the song on Itunes, but nothing beats hearing your fave song on the radio.  

Here are some of the gems we found through Kid's Place Live mixed with a bunch that I love.  I am pretty free with what I will let my kids hear (curse words can be prime teaching moments) so listen to the songs for yourself before trusting my judgement.  I had to put my son's other favorite song on there because we listen to it at least once a week, Iggy Pop (he dances just like Iggy, btw - it. is. awesome). These songs are not for bedtime and are pretty much just all around fun.  Use it at your next kid's party or just in the car on the way to school.  

Are you ready to rock! 

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A few more songs that playlist.com didn't have that you need to check out are:
Up Up Up - The Givers (free download - holler!)
Gotta Keep on Trying - The Not Its (so one of the singers from this band used to sing in a band called Velocity Girl that I loved in high school - totally cool and the website is rad, rad, rad)
The Donkey Song (love love love)

Don't dumb down your kids music.  Share the greats with them.  The Beatles, The Beach Boys, whoever your favorites are chances are your passion will be contagious and your kids will love them too.  


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Melissa C said...

That photo is adorable! I can't get enough of Alt Nation, I might not make it through a day without it. ;)


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