Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ruby's Studio DVDs: The ABCs of raising a good human

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I've told you about some of the great finds from my trip to Blogher but this DVD and the company behind its creation is probably my favorite.  In this crazy mixed up world we live in, so much focus is placed on academics and how well kids do on school testing.  The Mother Company knows that it is more important to raise good humans.  But how do we, as parents, do that? 

This first video of Ruby's Studio, in what I hope is a very long list, focuses on feelings.  Through Ruby's guidance, the kids learn about feelings in a variety of ways.  From art projects, discussion, animated stories and music, the kids are taught not only what different emotions are but also ways to express them.  When I showed my kids this video package and said we were going to watch it, they were not interested.  I mean, where were the trucks and legos?  I put it in to watch by myself, but after just a minute or two, both of my boys came over to watch.  Both boys were quiet.  As the show played on, I laid down my youngest to change his diaper, much to his dismay.  He looked right up at me and said, "I'm frustrated."  HA!  I wasn't sure, at 2 1/2 years old, how much he would pick up.  But obviously he was getting the message.  A few minutes later as I sat on the couch with my oldest son, I turned toward him to see if he was enjoying the DVD.  As if in answer to the unspoken question, he said, "I'm happy."  I thought the DVD and calm pace would not interest him (he's a rocker through and through) but it absolutely did.  

Watch the trailer!!

Cute! Right?!  What caught my eye initially at their Blogher booth was their design aesthetic.  Clean, modern but with whimsical touches, it was something that I was glad to share with my kids.  There is no need to sacrifice good design just because it is a kid's show. And they certainly haven't. 

The 45 minute DVD is made up of small segments.  From group discussions (none of the kids are scripted to ensure honest answers) to animated music segments the message is reinforced throughout.  I especially loved the 'Garden Theater' with this adorable family of snail puppets.  The shot above is from my TV screen.  The words on the bottom are from the 'Pop Up Parenting' option.  With that feature on, corresponding information for the parents pops up to further explain the emotional development of the child and other tidbits that might help us to make better parenting decisions.  It is awesome.  

And how freaking cute is Ruby, played by Kelsey Collins???  Does she remind anyone else of the adorable Emily Henderson?  As a host she is sweet, caring and likable.  And her hip, vintagey style is child appropriate and fashionable at the same time.  Similarly, the overall design of the set is pretty awesome.  The set is kind of like a big loft with exposed brick and vintage touches.  An alcove with a ceiling covered with all white, different sized paper lanterns is totally whimsical and cool.  A discussion area is amazing with bright colored designer chairs.  And the music is totally kid friendly without being too cutesy.  This is very important to me.  I feel like children's music should not be dumbed down for the kids and this is not.  Job well done.   

I really liked this DVD, available for purchase through their website or at Whole Foods.  The Mother Company also has an amazing newsletter and website full of helpful parenting information.  Be sure to check it out.  I'm so glad that I got a chance to meet this great team at Blogher.  I wish them huge success!   

And also look for more DVDs to come out later this year!  

Last 2 pictures are mine, all others from The Mother Company

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