Friday, August 26, 2011

I've never been camping but I think Suburban Camping is the only way to go

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I have never said this before, but why, oh why don't I live in New Jersey?  I'm so jealous of my husband's relatives who live there!  And it has nothing to do with the shore or juice-head gorillas.  It has everything to do with this adorable company called Suburban Camping Co.  Oh, and I totally love his family too, but I may love them even more in one of these tents. 

Suburban Camping Co. is basically an event planning company that sets up little (to quite large) backyard campouts.  That is SO perfect for me.  I have never been camping and know that I would appreciate all the amenities of my home found just feet away instead of the middle of the woods.  There are different themes you can choose and you can even add on an outdoor movie component to your set up!  Just check out their site to see all the gorgeous vintage pieces they use! 

Hello Girl's Night Out-Doors!  Barbie chandelier anyone?!  

So here's the deal.  You need to go vote for them in Daily Candy's Start Small, Go Big Contest.  They are a finalist in the "Home" category and they need your votes.  If they win, they will win a trip to New York City to attend an "academy" and have a chance to get advice and encouragement from some business heavyweights {Jonathan Adler and Stacey Bendet to name a few!}  I know all of my entrepreneurial ladies know the benefit of something like this so do your part to help another small business out.  

You can vote for them once a day and voting ends in 20 days!  It literally takes seconds to vote.  Winners to be announced September 16!

I really can't remember how I came across this company.  I am sure that I saw it somewhere but I can't, for the life, of me, backtrack to it...If you already posted about them, please let me know so I can give you credit! 

Then follow them on Facebook!
And check out their blog too! 

All photos via Suburban Camping Co.


Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

EEK! Just voted love them and that song on their site has been stuck in my head for two weeks!!! LOVE this idea...all the fun of camping...with refrigerators and bathrooms a hop away.

Pear Tree Greetings said...

Love the backyard camping idea! Especially for a kid's sleepover party!!


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