Monday, July 18, 2011

Chocolate Heals - Cookbook and Self-Help book in one!

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My mom just brought over some pictures of my grandma when she was younger.  I love this one and wanted to share since, thanks to Del Webb, I am giving away a KitchenAid hand mixer in her name.  Oh and I also don't have a photo of the brownie recipe I made from the cookbook I am about to review so since I made them for her, I thought it was totally appropriate to use her photo.  

Anywho...a few months ago I was emailed about a cookbook that was coming out called "Chocolate Heals...Life is Sweet" by Marcia L. Williams.  After fighting her own breast cancer battle, Marcia turned to what she knew best to help others deal with their own struggles with the disease.  Chocolate.  With seven suggestions for getting through the difficult times in life (seriously great tips, not just for those dealing with breast cancer), this book also includes recipes for some of the most delicious sounding brownies I've ever heard of.

Image via Maury Tieman

I decided I would try out one of these recipes, Raspberry White Chocolate Brownies, and then take it to my grandma to enjoy.  The recipe was really easy to follow, which is really important to me when I bake as I get distracted very easily...They turned out amazing.  They were delicious and moist and filled with love.  While you can find brownie recipes on-line, I loved knowing that this one in particular was tested and tweaked by someone passionate about the end result in hopes that the person eating them can forget about their troubles even for a moment.  I will definitely be making other brownies from this book.  

But this book is so much more than the recipes.  Marcia shares practical tips on learning to take things one day at a time, building satisfying connections with those around you and so much more.  The book is $9.95 and available on her here.  It would be a great gift for anyone dealing with breast cancer in any capacity - patient, family, support system, etc. 

Marcia is committed to using her personal experiences to encourage others through this book.  Although she is now cancer-free, she continues in the memory of her sister who lost her battle against breast cancer.  Find out more about Marcia and her efforts on


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