Saturday, July 16, 2011

Breast Cancer survivors are radical

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This story was shared with me by Jen of Blush Printables and is truly encouraging and inspiring.

photo by photojournalist Lynn Johnson

It is about a group of women who looked breast cancer in the face and said, I've got more to do, stop wasting my time.  Read the article here on Blush Printables. Jen's mother in law is a member of this group.  
And last October (October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, you know) Jen offered these free printables on her website for 'thank you' note cards (scroll down to below the Pink Steel story).  These would be awesome to send out to anyone who makes a donation at your dinner party (because I know you all are going to throw them...)

Don't forget to enter GEORGENE VEHE'S SWEETS FOR TEATS.  I KNOW you want to win the pink KitchenAid hand mixer sponsored by Del Webb.


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