Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Confetti Lab was awesome and I can't wait for the next one.

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I LOVED Confetti Lab!  And here is why...

This was the window that Lauren of A Fabulous Fete created at The Wedding Pantry in anticipation of the event.  Neon cacti!  Wooden garlands!  Serapes!  Uh-mazing!  I love how clean it looks and how classy but totally casual.  Check out the adorbs cake stands Lauren made out of glass candlesticks and terracotta drip catcher things (can you tell I don't garden???)

Many of you may have heard of The Wedding Pantry but did you know that they can also help you throw a pretty cool non-wedding related party too?  Think of them as The Party Pantry.  They carry twine in a ton of colors, those awesome stripey paper straws and how cute are those ruffled favor bags!  And I know you all love A Fabulous Fete on Etsy but did you know that you could run in to The Wedding Pantry and pick up a fun cake stand for your next party or hostess gift?  Love that!!! 

The Wedding Pantry has an event space just behind the boutique.  This is where Lauren invited several party vendors to set up shop and sell their party goods.  I really can't wait for Ed of Up Imagery to put up his pics because I didn't get many good ones in here. :(  Here is another wooden garland made by Lauren.  LOVE!  And oh my gosh!  Confetti Lab introduced to me to a vendor that I can't wait to use, Dolly's Sweet Dreams Premium Cotton Candy.  The cotton candy was delicious and I talked to her about her ingredients and process and I felt really good about feeding it to my food allergic son.  How pumped is he going to be with it at his next party!  Not only is her product delicious (she even has organic!) but her food cart is sooooo cute!  Totally check out their website it is adorable!   That charming table setting was created by none other than Lauren Elise who I was really excited to meet.  I must confess I showed great restraint when talking to her and came off socially awkward...she's lucky I didn't ask her for her autograph and cut off a lock of her hair.  I'm a huge fan of her work.  Check out her Confetti Lab wrap up  with tons of great photos of her display and items, some of which are available at The Wedding Pantry!  And how CUTE are Annika of Cakes Likes a Party and her friend Lauren!  I was pretty lame with them when we first met too, but I got to redeem myself later and am so happy I did.  These girls are super sweet, and I always love to meet other party ladies.  I am sure I'll be seeing them again!  

It was a gorgeous evening on the patio where Lauren really did it up.  Every thing Lauren does is super cool and this was no exception.  She created little seating areas, surrounded it with food and drinks and kept the party jumping with the DJ, Mahjestik.  Decorations did not disappoint and the atmosphere was really fun! 

Lauren made that sign, complete with her crazy good hand writing with the help of her fiance.  I want one for every party.  Soho Taco provided the yummy tacos from their party ready taco cart and sweet treats were provided by Kupcake Spot, Dolce Vista Cakes and Somedays Bake Shop.  YUM!  And look at the little table Lauren made by turning over a terra cotta pot?!  Brilliant! 

Ridiculously good cocktails were provided by Tres Sietes Tequila.  Check out the recipes on A Fabulous Fete here and here.  I love that some of Lauren's other products like the teal stripe runner and green tray totally fit right in to the look of the party.  And I think I am going to use air plants at all of my parties.  No vase needed!!!  

Also on the patio, Lauren set out craft stations where she showed you some super simple party items.  How cute is this duct tape bunting?! 

Lauren also demonstrated how to make super cute fringe drink stirrers.  Glue Dots provided some product to make it possible.  Love this idea! 

On the way out there were two goodie bags.  One put together by Lauren, Eva and Brittany and one from Lauren Elise.  The Confetti Lab bag contained a bunch more resources for throwing you best fete.  Laure Elise's was a rad 'make your own s'mores' kit!  Complete with matches and votive light, the presentation was awesome and is a great idea for favors for any summer get together.  

What I hope everyone took away from this event, though, is that Lauren Verity of A Fabulous Fete is rad.  I know from personally working with her how creative and crafty she is as well as being sweet and charming.  But what I am so excited about is that she is expanding her line of party goods and adding services.  I know her Etsy site is not updated yet, but I'm so excited for her to offer her calligraphy skills, invitation design, full party and wedding decorating and so much more.  I hope she offers a punch card for repeat clients because I plan on keeping her busy.  

I hope that you were able to get a small sense of what Confetti Lab was all about and I hope you will all look for the photos by Ed of Up Imagery also.  He is amazing and I can't wait to see what he came up with! 

Thank you Lauren, Eva and Brittany for an awesome night! 



lauren said...

yep, not even sure what to say... except thank you?!! you literally managed to capture every single detail.. and perfectly:) i'm so glad you came and enjoyed it!

Go Against The Grain said...

I am insanely jealous you got to go to this. When I heard about it I was very excited it seems wonderful!

Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

This is so cool. I wish I lived in the OC. Love the garland!

Melanie said...

Just another reason I need to move to So Cal. That fiesta sign is killer. I'm so making one.

Anonymous said...

You are so hilarious! And so much fun! LOVED meeting you! Great pics - except that one with those two awkward people in it! (Hee hee!)
Great wrap up! Thanks again for letting me know about it! It was such a cool night!


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