Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter - Casual, Cool and Extra Yummy

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Usually my posts are very wordy.  But as I am sure you will find what I am about to say shocking, I may have over done the details of my son's upcoming 5th birthday and it is consuming my life.  As I type, my eyes are trying to close, I've just finished cutting out 189 pieces of "space money" and I won't even get to my Friday night ritual of a glass of wine and US Weekly.  Too tired to declare who wore it best.  I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves (for the most part).  I had been wanting to use yarn in a party setting for a while, simply because I hadn't yet, so when Amy, of Amy's Kitchen Table, asked me to be a part of this Easter project, I headed out to the local craft store to get some.  I found the perfect yarn in this graduated color pattern of purple, green, orange, and terra cotta.  While the colors are "spring-y" they aren't pastel and gross.

One the main buffet table, I used simple terra cotta pots to match the cute two-tone polka dot fabric I found.  I also continued the yarn accents in different ways.  The succulents (which I stole from Lauren) look right at home on the rough cut wood blocks used to create levels and keep it totally casual and cool.
I mentioned the food in my teaser post but OH. MY. GOSH. Seriously, Amy is amazing.  I could go on all day about the blood orange mimosas but that is because I need a drink like crazy right now.  wink.  The ham,  BEST EVER.  The breakfast pizza, ridiculously delicious.  I would rather eat my own foot than eat a deviled egg but Amy assures me that they are the best ever invented.  And I believe her.  And while I didn't get a chance to try the Hummingbird Cake, those gosh dang pecan shortbread cookies with lemon glaze haunt me, in a good way.  Don't forget to check out the recipes on Amy's Kitchen Table.  Tomorrow I will post more details of the eating table.  I know that doesn't sound right at all, but my brain is done.

All photos are mine.


Melissa C said...

Lovin' this! The curtain backdrop looks amazing. Hugs!

Odile said...

Una mesa muy bonita además de apetitosa. Very beautiful your déco. Happy easter!


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