Monday, November 22, 2010

Your new fave party treat & OC Vendor Spotlight - Hannah's Bananas

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For those of you who don't live in Orange County, continue reading anyway. This is a GREAT idea for a fun party treat. If you are ambitious, you can make these yourself for your own party guests. If you want to up the WOW factor and have a specialty cart custom make them to your guests specifications, you're going to have to move to Southern California and hire Hannah's Bananas. :)

I found Hannah and her amazing chocolate dipped frozen banana cart at The Wedding Pantry this past Saturday. They held a really cool holiday shopping event and as an added treat, Hannah's Bananas were there giving out samples. Hannah's Bananas is the newest super cute treat idea for your next party. Hannah (or employees) will bring their cart to your event, and hand dip frozen bananas.
How cute is the cart done up for a wedding?! And of course, in my head I can see it with a Hank and Hunt fabric garland or even a vintage sheet for a more girly theme. Just call Hannah and I'm sure you can make the cart fit perfectly with your decor.

So let me break down how this works. The frozen bananas are first hand dipped in an amazingly delicious melted milk chocolate (word on the street is they are working on a dark chocolate too...YUM!)...
Next you choose what you want to add. Choices are crushed Oreo cookies, peanuts, sprinkles and coconut. I'm not going to lie, it was hard to choose! In the end, the coconut won out for me, but I debated on going back in disguises and trying them all. There is a fee to get the cart to come out to your event and then a per banana fee as well. There is some more pricing info on the website but I would email them to discuss your event details for accurate pricing.

Although I did not discuss the banana suit with Hannah, I imagine you can request it for your party as well. Who doesn't want a banana at their party?

Want the bananas but not the cart? This is also an option. Check with Hannah's Bananas directly for pricing.

I love this idea so much! I am not looking forward to when my kids start elementary school. From what I hear it is party after party after party. What I AM looking forward to, though, is throwing my kids' parties and blowing all those other cake and ice cream bashes out of the water with Hannah's Bananas.

Hannah's Bananas is on Facebook!
For more info contact Hannah's Bananas:

(all images via Hannah's Bananas except the one directly under the logo. That photo is by D. Park Photography)


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