Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lockheart Contest - Prize Packages - Create A Party

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Create A Party Prize Package
To start your party off on a well designed foot, Love the Day Design is letting you choose any printable party pack from her Etsy shop ($35 listings only). Whether you need something for a girl or a boy, a birthday or a wedding, Lindi has got you covered! Need more inspiration before you start planning? Jump over to her blog for some eye candy.

Love the Day on Facebook and Twitter.

I'm an adhesive fanatic. Odd, I know. To me, there is nothing worse than running out of glue in the middle of a project. It has caused me to try every brand, multiple times. I've come to find out that Glue Dots are my favorite, by far. The removable dots work really well for hanging light weight banners and even fastening temporary "cake stands" out of all kinds of materials and the removable dots are great for someone (me) who doesn't get her crafting right the first time. Trust me, these are going to be your favorite too. Their site and newsletter is an amazing crafting resource, check it out! (newsletter sign up is near the bottom of the page).

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How gorgeous is that styling? I remember when I used to be so irritated after looking in Martha Stewart magazines and thinking, "Dang it! I can only get that look if I buy 7,000 of those nut cups!" And then I found Garnish. It sent my party planning in a whole new direction. You can buy everything by the piece and they carry everything from favor and food packaging to adorable straws and cool cutlery. Let your imagination run wild. Don't like to walk on the wild side? Read their blog and steal their fabulous ideas.

Garnish on Twitter.

There is nothing that twine CAN'T do. The Twinery is letting you explore it's versatility with 4 full spools of twine in any colors you choose. With 8 brilliant shades to choose from, you can't make the wrong choice. Perfect for party decor or holiday gift wrapping, this twine will help you tie it all together (pun totally intended).

The Twinery on Facebook and Twitter.

For me, personalization is the key to creating a memorable event. For Your Party is giving you the opportunity to do it through napkins that you can tailor to your party specifications. Their customer service is great and I'm betting you won't want to stop with just napkins (but you gotta pay for the rest of it, just saying).

For Your Party on Facebook and Twitter.

I know I sound like a broken record but come back on Monday to comment to win! I think these prize packages are soooo good and I'm so grateful for all the companies' willingness to participate!

This prize package is valued at approximately $175.

(The Twinery images were from The Twinery...forgot to source it above!)

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