Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quickest party decor ever

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On Monday, we celebrated my husband's grandmother's 89th birthday. Meme is super cool and active and I hope that I have half her energy at half her age. I had a ton of party stuff left over from my son's recent 4th birthday party (posts are still forthcoming) and wanted to use it but had to figure out how to girl it up a bit. A and I (remember A? my some time co-blogger? Meme is her gma too) found an edge punch on clearance at Michaels (thank you Martha Stewart) and used it to jazz up a standard paper chain. Then we made a paper flower (thanks to a recent tutorial on The City Cradle - my new favorite blog...) with a few embellishments to hang from the light. So with those two pieces of, dare I call them, decor and the napkins, plates and cups left from the party we threw together a nice little party without any extra cost and next to no effort. Happy Birthday Meme! Can't wait to celebrate your next one, "God willing". (Can you picture her grandma voice saying this? :)

While these party decorations aren't going to win any prizes in party innovation, the fact that they can be used in mere minutes to cause a little fuss for the guest of honor is important. As party aficionados we can get carried away and even lose sight over what we are celebrating. Sometimes being simple is better and let's the real intention shine through. That being said, don't think I didn't try to figure out how to get an elephant to bring in the birthday cake. But I'm glad they were all busy with the circus.


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