Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Allergy free cupcakes. In Orange County!

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Twitter, I both love and hate you. Hate you because I feel like trying to keep up with everyone's blurbs is about as much work as a full time job. But I love you because I really do learn about some pretty cool things. I first heard about GreenCupcakes.com on twitter. Why am I so excited? Because they are allergy friendly cupcakes, they are in Orange County (where I live) and I get can them for my son who has multiple food allergies that is why I am so excited. For years he has sat patiently with an inferior cupcake that I have baked, frozen and brought from home for him while we have playdates at Sprinkles cupcakes with the good stuff. I couldn't wait to try these new ones out. I ordered one of every flavor over email and was able to pick them up the next day after 10 am. They are sold out of Solomon's Bakery in Laguna Hills (but literally right down the street from The Irvine Spectrum). So far we have tried the lemon and the chocolate, both delish! Our taste test will continue a little bit later on with ginger, carrot, marble and vanilla. They are egg, dairy, nut, gluten and soy free and they can make custom cakes and cookies on request. It seems like Solomon's Bakery tries to keep a few in store each day in chocolate and vanilla but for other flavors or to purchase 6 or more, I would call and place a special order. I can't believe that I now have an option for my son's birthday parties so that I can be lazy and not have to back 8 batches like his most recent party. I am so grateful to Georgina for creating a company that benefits so many children. I wish her much success!!!!!

Green Cupcakes via Solomon's Bakery
23020 Lake Forest Dr., Ste. 170, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 235-6163

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Georgina said...

Hello Sharon,

Thank you so much for your gorgeous photos of the Green Cupcakes and your Fab reviews! So glad that you were able to give your son his very own cupcake inside our actual bakery! As you may know, this is why Green Cupcakes were created..So everyone can have their cupcake and eat it too! My daughter has life threatening food allergies to eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and Green Cupcakes were created for her and now, the other 12 million American with food allergies!

Kind Regards,
Georgina Seeck
Green Cupcakes & More


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