Monday, March 8, 2010

Cheese Cupid is my homeboy

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I almost had to move to Wisconsin once. It seems in my travels I tend to stick to coasts, East or West. I never thought I would ever visit Wisconsin, let alone live there. But my husband and I were flown there and whisked around a metropolitan area that was to be our potential home. In between interviews we were shuffled around various people to show us the best of what the area had to offer. We were shown houses by a realtor, taken out to the local bar scene with a couple remarkably similar to us and taken to fancy dinners. But where was the cheese? No one pushed the amazing cheese as a selling point for the area. B and I had to track down cheese curds on our own to try, and browsed the local cheeses in the dairy section of the Piggly Wiggly (a real life chain, by the way, I didn't believe it until I was actually in one. I always thought it was just a slang name for another chain).

Little did I know that Wisconsin cheeses are actually really easy to find closer to home (carbon footprint be damned, sometimes you just gotta have your Wisconsin cheese). And the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has put together a really neat tool to help you pair your cheese with one of my other favorite things, wine. The website is really easy to use. Choose your favorite wine, beer, spirit or cheese and it will tell you what it goes well with and give you a quick reason why. Check it out! Follow them on Twitter for info on events they put on (mostly in Wisconsin) and contests. Recently they paired up with a local chocalatier, Gail Ambrosius and created a marscapone truffle - cheese and chocolate! and gave away some to loyal twitter followers. Cheese Cupid sent me some of her chocolates (a really smooth caramel wrapped in a dark chocolate - yum!) and you should hope that they collaborate more with her. I will for sure be using to help plan my next gathering. Be sure to have the sound up. There is a woman who comments as you roll over certain info and it totally adds to the experience.

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