Friday, January 29, 2010

Slice - My favorite thing from the CHA show

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It's pretty bad in my house right now. I've got one kid on a nap strike. I've got another kid packing up his snacks for his sleepover at Grandma Marilyn's tomorrow night. How helpful, you may say, and yes, he is an exceptional helper. But what you don't know is that he is "helping" by folding everything up to fit in the compartments. I tried to explain to him that granola bars don't fare well when folded but he just pushed on, folding away. And the worst part, it has been so long since I've been to the grocery store that I am eating leftover edamame for a snack. I'd really like a cookie but this is all that is left. I wonder how they would taste when chocolate covered...Ever since I got back from the Craft and Hobby Association winter craft show last weekend, I have been glued to the internet. I knew that I would find a lot of really great crafty items that would be amazing when planning a party but I didn't realize I would also learn more about great products that I had seen before. My favorite thing I ran across was the Slice. A- already owns a Cricut which she got for her birthday a few years ago (don't think I didn't push for that for her, I would never put one on my list. I'd rather have boots, but I digress). She does some amazing things with it and it really does add a little something special to our parties. I have been afraid of it, however. It's big and scary looking and daunting. I have never fully embraced it. But at the show, I walked up to the Making Memories booth and went directly the display wall. There were photos and samples of party products that were soooooooo cute that I just had to figure out how they were made. Not only did I see a bevy of cartridges to choose from but also one specifically for an Elmo party and in my head I immediately saw a delightful themed party done in a palatable way. Can you totally picture the very recognizable shape of Elmo's head but done in a variety of patterned papers? They also used some of their adorable coordinated paper collections to put together some favor bags and decor. So I stopped to watch a demonstration of the machine that created all this party goodness. A sweet little old lady, bless her heart, was putting together a make and take card. It was the perfect speed to take in all the the machine does. The machine is so small and easy to use and had no cords running off of it so you could easy take it wherever you go. I love that! I have a party kit I take with me to parties for last minute touch ups. I wouldn't hesitate to bring this with me in case I needed a last minute tag or quick sign. Once the lady finished her card I was able to ask the demonstrator a few questions. I did not catch her name, but I do remember her being very tall and blond. Right now the machine cuts out shapes in whatever size you choose. But coming in April and the months beyond, the machine will have more tips to choose from. For example, instead of just cutting out paper, you will be able to draw the shapes on with the pen tip. They are also coming out with a glue tip which you can then douse with glitter and sparkle away. I want one really bad. If I would have bought one at the show, I would have been entered to win an adorable pink or mint green Vespa (which my husband promptly informed me that we could have painted black for him). I may have to rethink my selfish gift list criteria. No wait, A's birthday is February 13...

In researching the Slice further I realized what a great resource the Making Memories website is, especially the Ideas and How To sections as well as their blog. And there is also a separate website set up for the Slice machine with an even better idea gallery. Both places have party items to inspire you and they all contain shopping lists and tutorials. I'm feeling all kinds of crafty all of the sudden!

You can buy a Slice Starter kit for $150 as well as papers and the cartridges right on line and also at your local craft retailer.

So in conclusion, I really wish I had this machine for a little shindig I am throwing with friends tomorrow and it is now dinner time and I have no groceries and meal planned. If only the Slice website also had pizza delivery...

*first four photos from and last picture from the Making Memories blog.

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