Monday, June 29, 2009

Pretty on a Pick

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I got to have a really fun weekend. Friday night was the wedding for my awesome friend, Lisa, whose bachelorette party can be seen in the previous post. It was great to spend a special night with she and her family. And my sister was in town for it so it was amazing to be able to spend some time with her. As it was an adults only affair, we left the kids at home and just got to enjoy each others company...and wine. Then on Saturday night, my sis and I decided to go spend a night in downtown San Diego. We haven't done anything like that together since her bachelorette party about 5 years ago. We dragged our friend T along and had an amazing dinner and lots of dessert. I got a tip about a dessert place from my friend, Adrianna, before we left. She told me that I HAD to check out Extraordinary Desserts. The name alone lead me to believe that I was going to love it. So my sis and I checked it out on Saturday afternoon as we were waiting for T to get in to town. It did not disappoint!!! It has a take-out portion as well as a large sit down area and although it has an industrial feel, the place is really beautiful. Their desserts are little works of art!! So we bought 4 different things to try and then took them back to our hotel. Yum!!!! And I knew that T would need to see all of the amazing treats so we decided that after dropping my sister off at the airport the next morning, that we would go there for breakfast. They offered a very small menu and also a brunch. The brunch was set out on their very long bar and it was GORGEOUS. It was served all in white bowls and platters with big, butter lettuce leaves as garnish. The bar was strewn with hot pink flower petals and some of the platters were decorated with intricate flower petal patterns as well. It is wonderful to be confronted with that kind of beauty. I think every Sunday should look like that. And of course, I want ALL my parties to look like that. There was one detail in particular that we can all steal for our parties. And even I could recreate it with ease. Most of their drinks are garnished with decorative pick that holds a rose petal, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry. Stunning. Garnish sells similar knotted picks and the rest of the items can be found right in your local grocery store. I can't wait to do this!!


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