Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Papel Picado-esque Straw Flags

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So I had this idea that I had to try out.  I love the papel picado flags that you sometimes see at fiestas.  They look super intricate and I wouldn't have the first clue, or patience, how to make the banners.  But I wondered about a mini version of it done as a straw flag.  Turned out pretty cute so I thought I would share.  Much like my cooking, my crafts tend to be a little less than precise.  And since my 2 year old decided he didn't need to nap today, there was extra activity around the craft table.  

Piece of paper
Paper cutter
Glue Dots Glue Lines
Glue Dots Craft
Glue Dots Mini Dots
A decorative Martha Stewart Anywhere punch

Cut a strip of paper to be 1 3/4" x 4 3/4" (this will depend on the decoration of the punch really).  Fold the paper in half.

Use the decorative punch making sure to allow for plenty of room for the straw near the fold.

Place a Glue Dot Craft Dot in the center of the fold.  Secure the straw to the dot.  Add a Glue Dots Glue Line to one side of the straw.  You are going to need to match up the punch on both sides before you get the back side of the paper to adhere to the Glue Line.  

Use a Glue Dots Mini Dot near the edge to help line up the decoration. 

Trim the edge with scissors.  Insert in to beverage and enjoy.  While not a traditional Mexican folk pattern, the decorative cut outs still look pretty cool.  

All photos are mine.  


GoAgainstTheGrain said...

GASP! this is genius!! love love love

SweetSugarBelle said...

I ADORE this idea!

abigail @ Paper & Cake said...

love this!!

Jessica said...

Super easy - thanks for showing this to us!

Birthday Party Babble said...

These are so cute! You gotta love that Martha Stewart, she has the best gadgets.


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